A volunteer board of directors heads Hospice Mazatlán IAP and Friends of Hospice Mazatlán.
Administrative volunteers answer the phone, file and help process donations.
Volunteers for special events work on fundraisers and conferences.
A volunteer training program is available to anyone who wants to provide these services.

Volunteers are people like you who are willing to give their time and talent to help Hospice families in many ways. They are individuals of all ages and life paths and vital members of the Hospice team.
Volunteers learn about the Hospice program and its role in the team, during training and an orientation class. We offer periodic training for volunteers and providers of medical services. Course materials have a minimum cost per volunteer and a reservation is required. Contact the Hospice Mazatlán IAP office. When training is completed, volunteers can choose from a variety of opportunities to assist patients and their family or other supportive positions such as:


  • Patient Support Volunteers
  • Companions in patient visits
  • Carrying out family responsibilities
  • Volunteers to support a service
  • Clerical or office support
  • Community events
  • Events to collect funds
  • Volunteers in support during mourning
  • Companions on visits with relatives

How are we formed

  • Staff
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Volunteers

Do you want to volunteer?

Contact us with your data to advise and be part of our volunteer corps

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