Social Work

Social Work Responsability

The family will receive a visit from the social worker, who will carry out a socioeconomic study to determine a weekly recovery fee, which will not be a problem for the family, but if it will help the institution to support the expenses involved in care Of the patient in your home.

Generally, the relatives of the patients in service are expected to cover the costs, but sometimes the economic situation in which the family is found hinders the contribution by establishing representative recovery fees and sometimes exempt from payment, but treating To raise awareness that those families to which they were supported at times that did not have resources, may in the future support this institution to continue providing the services required by other people who are in the difficult situation in which they They were.

The nurses at the beginning of the week will request the recovery fee assigned by Social Work and will give the family or the patient the original of the folded receipt with the legend “Recovery Fees”.

Social Work is also responsible for conducting the Initial Social Study where physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects are analyzed from the point of view of this discipline.

Social Program "Jefas de Familia"

In addition to social work, they are responsible for carrying out the necessary procedures so that the children of our patients can benefit from the federal “Jefas de Familia” program, which grants a scholarship to educate the children of deceased women while they are studying and have Between _____ and ____ years of age.

It is also responsible for detecting the needs of the families of patients in service and channeling them to other institutions, where they can offer them help according to the social problems they are facing.

Another function of this service is the support that this institution offers two groups of foreign women worried about the economic situation that the members of the Challenge Group of the General Hospital, who are in Breast cancer treatment and do not have the resources to pay transportation expenses to the City of Culiacán, the other group is “OJALA” that provides support for inscriptions, school supplies and uniforms to the children of our patients died in service.


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