Medical Equipment Loan

Medical Equipment Loan

Hospice medical equipment is exclusive for on-duty patient use.

The doctor will be in charge of defining in his visit, the medical equipment that the patient requires, this will depend on the state of health in which he is.


To be able to receive the medical equipment on loan, a lending contract must be filled out and signed where the family undertakes to care for the goods received and to return it clean and in good condition once it is no longer necessary for the patient’s use.


It is important to clarify that many times the patient does not want to change his bed and must respect his will. In these cases we suggest to the family that speaks with the patient to ask for authorization, explain the benefits of having the hospital bed and the facilities that the caregiver will have to feed and clean it.


Hospice Mazatlan, does not have transportation equipment for the delivery of beds and cranes that lend, so it is suggested to the family use a public transportation of the so-called “Aurigas” in which you can easily transport the equipment safely , The cost goes on behalf of the patient’s family and we have a database of people who have previously transported and installed beds and are of our entire confidence.





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