Medical Service

Once the service has been requested and the nurse has confirmed the patient’s diagnosis, the medical visit will be scheduled.

The doctor, together with the nurse who entered the Hospice service, will come to know the patient and explain to the family the health condition, what can be expected and the treatment that will be offered, emphasizing that they will only be cared for Palliative and non-curative treatment that will be receiving from our staff;

It will also resolve the doubts that the patient and / or family might have about the process, the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Depending on the patient’s physical condition and disease progression, the Physician will prescribe appropriate treatment to control the symptoms and signs of the terminal illness and instruct nurses on the number of home visits to be provided and The medical team that will be loaned to provide comfort to the patient and facilitate the work of caregivers at home.

The physician will be receiving telephone calls made by the nursing staff in case the patient or the family require it and will make the changes of treatment that allow the patient to end its life cycle without pain and as comfortable as it is possible.


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