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The concept “Hospice” began in 1967 with the opening of St. Christopher’s in London, where the nurse and later Dr. Cicely Saunders argued that caring for a patient is not limited to treating the pain and therefore developed the theory of “pain Total, “which includes social, emotional, and spiritual elements; Began with 54 beds and a nursing home care service. There are now hundreds of “Hospice” in more than 95 countries around the world.

Hospice Mazatlán IAP

In the US, the Hospice movement began 30 years ago and in this city, HOSPICE MAZATLÁN, IAP began activities in 2008 when a group of North Americans and Canadians led by its founder and current Clinical Director, Lois Croly RN, realized the need to help The people who were going through the difficult time of having in their home some loved one who had a diagnosis of limited life. The principle was not easy, because the customs and customs vary widely from one country to another, but little by little the Institution has strengthened and are constantly receiving requests for care that usually come on the recommendation of relatives of other patients who already Have been taken care of in this Institution.


More than a definition, Hospice is a concept, a model of care, a way to cope with life when it is not possible to visualize the future in the medium or long term, because it has a limited life diagnosis. But what can be done when the body has not been able to respond to curative medical treatments and there is no hope of regaining health? Our proposal at Hospice Mazatlán is to accompany and train the family, so that along with the multidisciplinary staff face the fears and insecurities generated by having a terminally ill at home; We do not promise to add days to life, but to add life to the days of that person who was part of our history and who now is who needs care, thankfulness for timeshare, patience and much love on our part. The Hospice service brings together a multidisciplinary team made up of doctors, nurses, nurses, social workers, tanatologists and volunteers, all professionals who join their knowledge and experience in order to provide palliative care that allows the patient to spend his last days as comfortably Possible, controlling the symptoms of your illness and the family allows you to leave your loved one quietly and without distress. Hospice also proposes the right of the patient to be informed of his state of health in order to avoid the so-called “conspiracy of silence”, where the patient realizes that he is cared for, medicated, cared for and instead Feel better, feel diminished energy and increasingly feel worse. So, consciously or unconsciously, he knows that his situation is serious, but he is not given the opportunity to express fears, insecurity and fears that he feels when he can not recover his health. On the other hand, the family knows perfectly well that the diagnosis is terminal but does not dare to tell the patient and they do not give themselves the opportunity to talk, to externalize feelings and, therefore, it is not allowed to arrange familiar and legal matters that could complicate the relationship of The family once the patient died.

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Hospice Mazatlán IAP is a non-profit institution that provides palliative care to terminally ill patients in the municipality of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

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